It’s Already Written….

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Your Life…. It’s already written!

it’s like a labyrinth not a maze…. but you start from the center and work your way out… that’s death, it represents freedom! You’ve worked your way out of the labyrinth ( your life path) there are holes, pit stops and detours but NO dead ends…. we just keep moving until we reach the end and walk out. It’s just a game… already written, it’s timed. If we don’t find our way we start over(although we have many tries)….. different body, different time period but we enter back into the labyrinth… and try again…..



Sharing your life story is so important. It does not make you weak it shows your strength. When you are in the middle of your chaos, your FGO it seems every one wants to let people know to pray for them, They cant believe life has dealt them such a hand to have to endure, without realizing it they share the chaos with hope that someone can fix it, carry the weight for them , make it right. It doesn’t work that way. Yes, prayer is good , yes, support is good, yes, counsel is good from someone that has been professionally  trained or even someone that has been through it and has come out on the other side with confidence and peace(not with despair and bitterness) but most seek counsel from people that try to fix it, that sympathize but not offers sound encouragement and how to overcome. I just wrote a book Hhy Mo’zen Life Balance, on my life lessons in one area of my life on the seasons of life lessons and change. I have had wonderful positive responses and many books sold but I have also had “Oh my gosh” responses.  It is not being a victim of life when you have overcome the BS thrown at you or that you created. It is being a victim when you are in the mist wanting someone else to fix it and you refuse to listen and learn on how to overcome. I have been writing a different book for many years that I never finished. One day while praying as I started writing Hhy Mo’zen just came out on paper, was published and now carried at indiebound.org , Barnes and Noble, and of course Amazon. Life Journey Cards were created, a Radio Show on Saturday mornings, a labyrinth calendar, a lot of traveling teaching the art and skills of stress management, meditation, walking the labyrinth, prayer and other healing modalities. Before as I was teaching it was in my knowledge base, my head. I had not gotten it to my heart, I had not fully learned to walk in peace. I was still taking life lessons, and making them into a terrible awful event. Seek your counsel from people that have overcome, that have walked through the fire, listen to their story with hope and encouragement. Our life calling is so important! Someone is waiting on you to overcome. When you get through the fire, tell your story so you can give them hope and encouragement.  Some people just float through life never thinking about what they are called to do to make a difference. It is hard to lead people in any form if they do not understand your FGO’s and that you came through them more powerful, stronger than ever and confident. When you are in the mist of overcoming it is not wise to advise other people on that topic. But when you have come out on the other side and it is more than just head knowledge or words you are sharing… Step out be BOLD! Although if you come out on the other side angry, bitter, ungrateful etc… please do not counsel other people as you will be repeating this lesson, going around the same mountain, returning to the fire. Wait until you find peace in your experience (your FGO) and unfortunately, they are never easy! Some one is waiting on you…perhaps its you wanting to come out and BE WHO YOU TRULY ARE? Walk in Peace and Love… alabyrinthofhealing.com

Do the Work

Peeling off the layers and becoming who you truly are is hard work, it never comes easy. I know a lot of people that put on different faces according to who they are around. Of course, there is a business side when you are in a professional environment and the playful side when you are at home or out in nature but that is not what I am referring too. I am talking about becoming your true authentic self. The you that has been pushed down due to life’s trauma, people’s negative opinion of you, hurts and pain that you feel if you can hide and never face no one will ever know. The problem with that is you know! When you look in the mirror or on the lonely days you feel the despair and sometimes anger that hides inside. The part of you that you beat up, talk harshly to and have never forgiven for past events. Therefore, eternally as we destroy ourselves, we outwardly project the pain onto other people or we push it down so far we just hope no one will ever see it. The thing is it all comes out one day in many different forms. Do your work it is hard but it is worth it! All the self-help books in the world can only be used as a guide or a tool if you are not open to peeling off the layers and release the negative you will resort back to the old way of life quickly. I use to read books that would tell me how I should feel, but I didn’t feel that way and I would say over and over I feel like this because that was the way I was supposed to feel but eventually the way I really felt would come back. Then the feeling of inadequacy came because I couldn’t or didn’t change. I often wonder if some of these self-help authors have really done the work and live a peaceful life during the storms or did, they write on how we should feel? It’s a fair question. I have attended so many awesomely wonder positive motivational speakers, Zig Ziglar, Leo Buscaglia, Wayne Dryer and so many more that I loved. My Dad use to take us or send us to them in the 70’s and 80’s. I learned so many good tools and I would apply them for a short period of time and then no longer use them. At church they use to say leave your problems at the cross and I would! Even one time they had a wooden cross in church and we all walked up to it and did the motion of leaving something at the foot or even wrote it on a sticky note and stuck it on the cross. The motion was great and it even felt good but as soon as I got back into the car or at the first sign of life’s trouble I would be back to freak out zone. I took it back in the form of worry, anger, control what ever might be needed for the situation. I didn’t know how to peel off the layers or apply the tools needed to go from my overthinking head to my peaceful heart where God dwells. This has been my life work and I learned the hard way to becoming the true authentic self is to commit and apply tools everyday until they become natural. NO one can save you but they can guide you, you still have to do the work of applying the learned tools from the church service, the motivational talk, the read book. It is yours to work through your journey is different from mine and mine from theirs. Be careful who you confide in not everyone appreciates your self work and the very reason we are afraid to show the true us, these people can and will use your life against you. Therefore, share and hash out thoughts and feeling with trusted friends that know your heart and only want the best for you. But I will assure you if they have not or are not working on their self, they are not sound mentors or counselors for your growth. In the end it all is up to you and the tools; prayer, meditation, stones, herbs, quite time, walks in nature, etc… you choose to use daily to overcome that layer. Then rest. There is another layer to peel off until you are raw and open but your heart is healed and the fear of other people’s opinions of you no longer are relevant in your life. The hurt that has been buried so far down no longer controls you or hurts you. The memory is still there although the hurt or pain is gone. You are now living from your heart, no longer living in your overthinking head. In this labyrinth of life, we can walk in peace and love! Are you brave enough to do your work? WALK IN PEACE AND LOVE… Rev. J.A.Starr alabyrinthofhealing.com

WALK IN PEACE AND LOVE… Rev. J.A.Starr alabyrinthofhealing.com


I find it interesting that so many people expect out of you what they are not willing to do themselves. Yet when you say no they act like you are a horrible person, they are highly insulted and amazed that you will not carry out their wishes and sometimes their demands.

Looking from a point of interest… I have noticed that many are not good time managers ,therefore they direct others to do their work for them and then proceed to say that it is not done right and they should have just done it themselves. Yet this is an continual habit and they are never satisfied and act outraged that the task they requested from you is just done wrong and not efficient enough.

Distance yourself! The guilt they try to put on you while they sit on there make believe throne is not worth it. These people have not done their self work, although they have great facades that they think they are pretty Holy and queenly and should be waited on and even served. If you do not do their bidding or even set your boundaries and say no, you will be the topic of their gossip and your lack of respect to them, they will claim you are selfish. They need help always and sometimes seem helpless just as a ploy to get you to the unhealthy level they are on the inside. Distance yourself!

They sit around with this air of importance and speak of their faith and all they know ,while apparently judging others they feel are lesser in knowledge and importance, they interrupt and do not listen. Distance yourself.

Do you remember the Titanic and when it was said “ Even God could not sink it” and tragically it sunk! They too will be humbled in time. Judgement is not theirs. Blaming or commanding others to do their bidding will not last. But self growth is hard and time consuming and people like this will do a lot of talking about themselves while looking down on you. Distance yourself.

Do your work, set your boundaries, when they try to cross them and you have let them across, again, reset them for they have not changed, therefore do not set yourself up for their attacks and ploys again.

Stay on your path…

Put your head up, shoulders back and move forward…

Walk in Peace and Love

They Are Not Your Tribe

Life is hard. As you grow older and reflect on your growth, your hardships, your battles, your successes, your accomplishments, when you are on path, when you are off your path, your journey. It’s nice to know that your tribe ( your people) know your heart , they don’t use your lows( your growth opportunities) against you. Your tribe recognizes your efforts, the struggles you endured and celebrates when your hard work and diligence pays off. You find in life who is honest and forthright, who deserves to be in your life.

When you learn of the people who have been around yet they speak badly of you to others , put on facade in front of you and when other people around, they down play your life and don’t think you deserve a successful, peaceful life…. they are not your tribe.

These people are not happy within themselves. They have chosen to remain in a stagnant place and it is easier for them to make up untrue information and down play your successes. This is their reality not yours. Don’t try to get them to hear you out or explain your life to them for even though they might have been present they will never allow themselves to see the work and struggles you went through, the growth to get to your accomplishments. These people are not your tribe.

When you are on path God blesses you beyond measure. When the enemy(these people)try to-take from you not only your stuff, but your hopes and dreams. Stay focused God will bless you in front of them. Learn that you do not discuss your life with them…. They do not wish you well….they are not your tribe… Listen to your inner voice…. These people speak to your face like you are not smart enough to know what curses they put out into the atmosphere about you… you can not change them…. they are not your tribe… God always reveals truth, Pray for truth…you’ll find it…. it’s always exposed.

Be so in love with your life , your journey, your growth, your path, your God that their curses and lack of gratitude don’t touch you. They will keep trying …. it’s just who they are… always the victim…. thinking you don’t deserve what you have earned, these people are takers…. they want without the effort and they do not want you to have….they are not your tribe.

Set your boundaries… love from afar…pray but no longer play….these are the people who say they hate drama, they create chaos usually within their own families, then sit back in amazement and gossip at the response. Yet they are still innocent and still the victim. Pray but don’t play…you cannot help them, they have built such a story within themselves they can not hear you.

Therefore move forward in your journey… enjoy your life… learn in the hard times, celebrate in the successes… God will Bless you… your tribe are the people that bring encouragement in your lows and are excited in your highs. They are your TRIBE!

Walk in Peace and Love…

So….Three Days In…

Social media I understand is the best way to advertise outside of word of mouth. We are only three days in on the new year and I am already reading post on how terrible life is, how much it sucks , how tired you are etc… Do something different, take that first step, be open to something new because the old way is no longer working. It’s always scary to step out of the comfort zone and make change but it is necessary! If you keep putting the same thing out in the atmosphere and writing the same depressing post and hanging out with the same people that tear you down….then you will get the same results! You and you alone will recreate last years yucky situations…

May I suggest set boundaries…no longer allow people to treat you bad, find the new source of income if you hate your job…. we are programmed that we have to earn money a certain way…if it is making you miserable perhaps it’s not the place for you to spend your time… I am sure if you truly look around or perhaps get creative…you will find a way to earn your money and live a life that brings you joy… what is your passion, what has God put on your heart…pray about it, be open to it coming in a way that is different and unexpected, be open to receiving . It is truly time to peel off the layers and become who you really are. Your calling is yours and only yours… of course there is always someone that will discourage you, put fear in you and talk negative about you… So what!

Be who you are anyway! These people are always unsure of them selves, unhappy and someone else’s hardship brings them a since of relief.

Put into prayer what you want , the life you are dreaming about… step up and step out, get ready for the labyrinth of the journey….high, lows, laughter, a few tears… it’s time…it’s time… it’s time!!! Life is fleeting so get moving… be kind, be honest, be forthright … don’t listen to the negative people and if others choose to listen to them and don’t check facts…let them talk!

Head up , shoulders back, breathe, you got this! Live the life you dream of…

Walk in Peace and Love….


Gratitude and Celebration

As we are in the Christmas season and nearing the end of the year I can not help but to think back over all the days in 2019. Days of working in corporate America which when you are a free spirit that way of work just doesn’t fit. Starting my new business A Labyrinth Of Healing has been costly, fun, scary but it definitely feels like home. I get to use my gifts and share knowledge, it’s not work it’s pleasure! Praying, meditating, reading cards, energy work, aromatherapy, frequency,vibration, light, sound it’s things I do everyday and once again I am sharing with others how beautiful and mystical this universe is. It’s really quite a pleasure. I think the hard part is that once again I am in an area(location) of pioneering and I am no longer that young girl with high hopes of changing the world. I always know that through out the day there is one person I am meant to meet, to share knowledge with, lift up, perhaps pray with. I have a little plug on the radio to educate with hopes of people wanting to learn and be open to a changed life or be open to maybe just hearing that hopes and dreams do come to pass, that life doesn’t have to be so serious and stressful all the time. There are many tools in the tool box to use for good health, a peaceful heart, a clear head, a Happy day, even a happy life.

Storms are coming they always do. Welcome to life, it’s just part of it. Be open to learning techniques that you can apply to daily life to walk through the storms. When you find something that resonates use it everyday, do it everyday it will move from head knowledge to heart knowledge,that’s when you do it naturally without thought.

For me Prayer and meditation everyday before I get out of bed. I carry and wear different stones daily. Weird to you perhaps… but do your research,there is an energy(magnetic)force around a stone that lines up with the magnetic force in the center of the earth and it creates a healing field. There’s more but that is the just and it’s awesome , it’ll change your frequency, your vibration, put your intention in it and it is a wonderful tool for your healing, peaceful walk. Use your essential oils daily not just for healing as a medicine but smelling them opens the limbic lobe of the brain and creates an emotional release. There are so many tools to choose from pick one , learn about it ,give it a try, then try another do your due diligence learn all you can discard what doesn’t fit ,keep what does. Be open to change. But most of all look at life with gratitude. I understand there is a lot of heart break that is not in our control, I’ve experienced it too, and I understand there is some hard consequences that come from choices we have made. Sometimes out of fear we stay or feel like it’s the only choice you have. There is a price to pay for that. But there is a lot of good in life. Approach it with a child like faith, look for the awe in everything, quit moving through life so fast. Look for the happy little things, a child’s laughter, a beautiful flower, flowing water in the creek, the awesome colors of fish or grass, flowers, dogs playing or perhaps when they cuddle next to you, sweet kitties sleeping on the couch. Do small act of kindness for others, open the door for someone, help someone with their, groceries, listen, be present. Slow Down! Be in awe everyday, give thanks and have gratitude, Celebrate…. this is life, don’t wait until it’s to late. Realize its up to you to enjoy it, even in the storm. Everything passes, nothing stays the same. So as I look back on this year I give thanks that I was brave enough to start new adventures, open enough to learn new things, hopeful enough that everything turns out for the best…

Life keeps moving… We are entering into the new year! Do it with Gratitude and Celebration… enter in with awe and wonder… a child like faith.


Judgement Is Not Yours

When I was a young adult my very first Esthetic job was at Saks Fifth Ave. for Adrian Arpel in Dallas, Texas. I loved working there and it was my first time to be on a salary not hourly plus commission. My Esthetic treatment room was on the main floor with other cosmetics and perfumes. One day a woman walked in the main doors looking pretty rough, perhaps she had had a night of partying and forgot to brush her , change her clothes maybe she hadn’t even gone to bed. I watched her walk from counter to counter trying to get someone to wait on her. These girls at the cosmetic and perfume counters were ignoring her barely answering questions, walking off until she walked over to my counter. I asked her if I could help her, she asked me if I wanted too. My reply was absolutely! She bought over $3000.00 dollars of skincare, make- up and perfume and paid with cash! These girls at the other counters were watching as they couldn’t believe I was waiting on such a person until they realized she was spending money and they worked on commission. The woman I was waiting on over heard one of the counter girls say that she was her customer and the woman turned around and reminded all of the Saks Fifth Ave. girls that no one would help her when she had money to spend but they judged her appearance and would not give her the time of day. Perhaps they learned a lesson that day.

I grew up in a family that daddy put himself through college then medical school after he came home from WW2 and Mom was an R.N. They had both grown up on farms or in the country and knew what it was like when hard times hit. My sisters and I were Blessed when it came to having what we needed and a lot of what we wanted materialistically. They taught us not to judge by appearance and when you give you all ways give anonymously. They sent people to college, bought cars, saw people in restaurants with children and anonymously bought their meals and always supplied Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas for families that just needed to be blessed that year. My children and I could not do all of that but I too taught the need to be of service to others. So we volunteered, brought meals and cookies and other baked goods that we had made to hospitals and others that had to work and couldn’t be home with their family and we would pick one family to help with Christmas and another for Thanksgiving.We lived in a small town and our mail carrier would deliver it from Santa. People would have never suspected me as I was a single parent, drove a VW and well basically dressed and looked like a hippie. Although I was/am drug free and a Christ follower, I am a free Spirit. The churches I attended, Methodist one day of the week, team kid leader at the Baptist, and the Pentecostal. I always wondered why they all said they worshipped the same God, the same Christ, yet judged each other for doing it differently and basically they don’t like other people that are different or that aren’t afraid to stand up, be of servitude to others, or perhaps stand out. When we moved from our farm house to another town in Virginia, We had moved into a wonderful ranch style house that was over 3000 square feet. I was working as an consultant at a new spa and was interviewing for a teaching position at our community college. During the interview I was asked if I lived in the trailer park that was at the bottom of the street? Now remember I was raised in the country club life with manners and I am educated but apparently I give off another vibe, a hippie vibe. I got the job and before classes started I had to deliver some supplies to the school for our new class. When I pulled up in my new Mercedes. I had to pick the Deans jaw up off the ground. Although I still had my VW’s the Mercedes had been an answered prayer for a car I wanted for business. We don’t know how people are being used in their calling. Be so careful in the judgement of them. I have learn through the years to watch people from a point of interest and I have found many people do not do their self work so they find fault in others. Usually out of fear and a lack of knowledge. They are comfortable and change is scary. It means sometime we have to weed people and change thoughts or ideas that were instilled in us. Change isn’t always easy.

I travel with a Labyrinth and teach meditation, prayer, aromatherapy, energy, frequency, stones… Gods creation. I say Worship the Creator acknowledge the creation. Stress and the result of is causing disease. But people are afraid to learn something new. I have a little spot on our local radio station talking about my business with some healthy responses and some not so Godly responses. But this station is asking people to help with a child for Christmas. They announce a different child every hour and hopefully people call in and commit to supplying this child’s needs and wants. After my little plug when we were off the air I told the DJ’s I would be honored to supply for a child for Christmas as I do every year. I never received my child . Therefore the next time I was at the station I said to the DJ’s that I had never received my email with my Christmas child… the DJ with strong Christian values and that is very opposed to my herbal, Oiler, meditating, Prayerful way of life said I could not have one of the children to supply for. Hmmmmm.

The judgement makes me so sad! Is it me you are trying to punish… but can’t you see when you treat people from your fear and lack of knowledge you’re punishing the child. Now I am writing my story not out of victimhood that was my youthful life lessons . This from my heart ,my passion, my life walk, my desire that I have learned from experience, study, knowledge…To walk in Peace and Love … meet people where they are… listen…Perhaps you might learn something …. perhaps you might teach something… what are you so afraid of?

Truth, knowledge, Miracles living a peaceful life. Walk in Peace and Love…